Jamaica Blue Mountain 100% Pure, Medium Body

The shipments are daily and safe, to ensure to your favorite coffee, roasted before being shipped, extreme care without loss of flavor and quality . Selected among the best coffee plantations ,  we offer a rich and precious coffee bean that exceeds all expectations.

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                      SPICES OF THE EARTH                                                                                                                                                                                                  Natural spices to flavor your culinary creations.          Your dose is important, it’s the right dose that                                       reveals your skill.                                                                                                         Whether it is a roast, a stew, a dessert or an aperitif, the taste gains !
              HOLIDAY IN JAMAICA             

To promote tourism in Jamaica , offering to our customer a destination reliable alternative.   Transfers, Hotel accommodation , Tours and excursions., Special design tours packages for individuals and groups, Bilingual tourist guides and translators, Tourist and shopping packages and much More

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