THE GOOD MORNING COFFEE !           The first warm frendly  irresistible encounter in the morning. And it is also true that more welcoming is the morning  the most rewarding is the day. Have you ever wondered what “coffee you are” or better you ever thought that every type of coffee is related to personality? So, it is important to start well and without a doubt with a great dose of passion in your  heart  that is put on during its preparation.                       “COFFEE in the morning is better taken so … with PASSION”

       LOCAL SPICE COMPLETE SEASONING              A spicy blend ideal for second courses and             fantastic finger food, in practical and comfortable           pouches easy to use and carry with you everywhere. “Appetite comes with eating” they say       . .TEASE THE APPETITE !

                JAMAICAN CRAFT                        Creations from local artisans, unique pieces, handmade, never identical, as a souvenir or gift
so nice and original, done with care that is a pleasure you want to repeat.
A piece of Jamaica, which in just 3 days arrives wherever you are!
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