CAFFE’ SHAKERATO IS SUMMER TIME  !           Need a Caffè shakerato , a refreshing and creamy drink that can be enjoyed anytime of the day. Made with PURE JAMAICAN  COFFEE . Strong and sweet with a mysterious richness in body,  yet oh so pleasing on a summer’s day! 

       CRUSHED SCOTCH BONNET PEPPER                   WITH PINEAPPLE JUICE HOT SAUCE           A good grilling is a myriad of things done well together.
But you know, a fine final sauce is the icing on the cake.   Here we propose different solutions

     A LITTLE THOUGHT or A GIFT FOR LIFE                  Gift ideas for all and for all occasions.                      Shop  for your original gift ideas!               Have fun browsing among all the original  products that we propose,     make a person happy and dear,            saving time and giving unrivaled emotions.             These are Unforgettable experiences!!
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