WHY IS JAMAICAN COFFEE SO GOOD?                                                                                          The delicious, balanced, and perfectly flavored coffee of Jamaica is the result of several natural factors. The soil and landscape of Jamaica, provides a nutrient rich base from which the coffee plants grow. Volcanic, and full of minerals, the soil of Jamaica has the perfect mix of minerals, acidity, and humidity. This combination of naturally nurturing soil, provides a healthy base from which coffee plants can grow and gain flavor. Current crop has been collected and is being processed. You can send your order / request .

                       SANTA CRUZ SIGARS                                                                                                       Mastered the art of growing and curing tobacco, as well as cigar blending and construction in Jamaica, where the unique climate and soil produces a rich yet mild tobacco. The quality of aged and matured tobacco used, the skill and experience in choosing the blend, and the craft that is expressed in these sigars by hand are assurance that these exquisite cigars are unsurpassed in richness, aroma and smoking satisfaction. The most trusted and reliable online source for your Jamaican Sigars

                    JAMAICA LAND WE LOVE                                                                                                      A big part of the Jamaican culture consists of stories through oration and/or folklore, brought to life by a colourful dialect- ‘PATOIS’. These stories have captivated the young and the young at heart, as storytelling is a past time that many Jamaicans still enjoy today. The stories are usually told by an elder in a community, and are presented by word of mouth. These are usually about life experiences that teach vital lessons and most have survived through the generations with little alteration. Nonetheless, they are witty, humorous, and full of suspense and unbelievable mystery, with many versions emerging throughout passing generations.
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