100% BLUE MOUNTAIN COFFEE     Described as being the finest, and one of the rarest coffees in the world. Grown at an altitude ranging from 3000 ft. to 5800 ft. above sea level, with high rainfall, long ripening season and the complexity of processing ensures a hardened core of  farmers to grow this precious coffee with as much love as determination. Precious, very precious it is almost a mystical cult, and finally, because you can feel the Jamaican Coffee a limited edition product with the best aroma!  

       25 MONTALVO MARVILLAS SIGARS               The Legendary Jamaican-Cuban brand is revived to the exact traditional methods, craftsmanship, and specifications of the renowned Master Blender, Jimmy Chang. Only the finest aged Jamaican leaves are used. Hand-rolled in Kingston Jamaica, these exquisite, super premium cigars from Barrington House are supplied in boxes of 25. The Montalvo offers excellent construction, beautiful draw,  A deeply pleasurable smoking experience

 PIMENTO Berry, known also as Allspice is the size of a large pea and has a deep rich-brown color which grows in Jamaica Clove,Cinnamon,Nutmeg and pepper are the flavors very pronounced, especially when freshly ground. Widely famously for the Jamaican jerk and several Caribbean dishes, is particularly great to flavor soups, stews, vegetable,fish, ham and beef.  Even the mashed potatoes can be directly enriched by this amazing berry.  Ground Pimento is delicious added to the mixtures of cakes, fruit cakes, pastries , sorbetto, ice-cream puddings and breads . The flavour is unique.
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