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Welcome to Rita’s Original Jamaican Market,

Guaranteed by a rigorous system of controls,  we export  the best  quality regional products to consumers worldwide, from the farmer, plantation, producer to your home.

Blending experience, innovation and passion to spread the Culture of Jamaica around the world, with a led a path of excellence with energy and determination, transparency, reliability, commitment.

Here to find the best selections of   100% Blue Mountain Coffee’, High Mountain Coffee, Coffee Blends, Herbal Tea, Spices, Jamaican Tropical Sauces, Marmelades & Jams, made in a traditional way, products for body care strictly organic, precious books about Jamaican cuisine, Jamaican Art , Jamaican Flowers and Plants; for a comparative exploration of the Caribbean literatures and cultures. 

It is a labor of love supported to this work that has been able to involve local farmers, producers and distributors completely because it is bound to our desires to discover, travel and go beyond.

check our website, is constantly updated with excellent new products !


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