This year I propose this Calendar 2018 with beautiful depictions representing the fascination of Jamaican flora, the theme of the year are: leaves and flowers in particular in the most pleasing and attractive figurative art, very nice hang it at home or in the office. A conscious invitation of how much; It’s nice to have the nature around us.

It is a journey every month, represented by a painting, drawing, artistic form played by several Jamaican Artists, who are part of the artistic group called Young At Art,  are : Tammy Hart, Yvonne Lee, Ann Marie Walter Allen, Simone Chan, Brenda Mitchell, Eva Miles, Monique Todds, Nicola Rosen, Jenny Greaves, Philippa Sharp, Rosemary Levy, Marjorie Robotham, Janet Hannah, Suzanne Rousseau Bernard, Jean Anne Matthies, Jenny Greaves, Erica Hamilton, Jeannie Chandoram, Mahfood, Pauline Barrow, Dorothy Homi, Sue Scott.
The profits earned are donated to the largest charity organization Food For The Poor Jamaica, present since 1982, with a remarkable contribution to Jamaican society.

It is free with your purchase,  Happy and Merry Christmas and Happy Year 2018 !

Size 11.5 x 12 inch /  30 x 30.5 cm. 
English language
Indicating the lunar phases
Four-color printing with soybean inks























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