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This year I propose this Calendar 2018 with beautiful depictions representing the fascination of Jamaican flora, the theme of the year are: leaves and flowers in particular in the most pleasing and attractive figurative art, very nice hang it at home or in the office. A conscious invitation of how much; It’s nice to have the nature around us.

It is a journey every month, represented by a painting, drawing, artistic form played by several Jamaican Artists, who are part of the artistic group called Young At Art,  are : Tammy Hart, Yvonne Lee, Ann Marie Walter Allen, Simone Chan, Brenda Mitchell, Eva Miles, Monique Todds, Nicola Rosen, Jenny Greaves, Philippa Sharp, Rosemary Levy, Marjorie Robotham, Janet Hannah, Suzanne Rousseau Bernard, Jean Anne Matthies, Jenny Greaves, Erica Hamilton, Jeannie Chandoram, Mahfood, Pauline Barrow, Dorothy Homi, Sue Scott.
The profits earned are donated to the largest charity organization Food For The Poor Jamaica, present since 1982, with a remarkable contribution to Jamaican society.


Size 11.5 x 12 inch /  30 x 30.5 cm. 
English language
Indicating the lunar phases
Four-color printing with soybean inks























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The taste of distinction

Available these noble cigars, produced by a family of long tradition of tobacco, the Barrington House, in full respect of tradition and quality and refined taste. These Sigars are Hard to find , now we  extend these fantastic Barrington Cigars from the unmistakable taste and aroma wherever you are.


 We ship worldwide daily, contact us for further information:


sigari barrington ritajam home




“The company has benefited from its heritage and accumulated experience to create prize winning international formulas utilizing its prime Jamaican tobacco, skillfully combined with Dominican, Cuban, Connecticut shade and other select tobacco binder, filler and leaf wrapper. Helping to fulfill the dream, Barrington House now exports premium cigars throughout the world for the enjoyment of its customers.

source : Barrington House”




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Herbal Supplements Health Benefits

Herbal supplements are being looked on today as a source of healing and well being. With allopathy revealing its dark side due to adverse side effects, the focus is on natural healing is more intense than ever. Studies have estimated that at least 80% of the earth’s population uses some form of herbal medicine. Herbal supplements health benefits date back to centuries when the only form of medicine came from plants and herbs. Today, even though modern medicine has largely replaced these age old techniques, many of the traditional supplements that make use of herbs and other natural things to prevent and treat various illnesses.    20171013_145633


There are a number of herbal supplements health benefits that you could take advantage of. Firstly, these supplements helps to lower cholesterol, aid digestion, build up your cardio vascular system, combat depression, and provides for a healthy glowing skin. Herbs like aloe vera and turmeric have been known for their anti-cancer properties. Aloe vera has a myriad of remedies, including treatment of skin disease, menstrual problems, and diabetes. Olive leaf extract, used in the Middle East for centuries, is known to strengthen the body against virus and improve blood circulation. The herb red clover is known to alleviate menstrual cramps as well as ease menopausal conditions in women. Eating healthy food may not be enough to provide our bodies with the needed nutrition. A lot of the food in stores has been depleted of vital vitamins and minerals even before we purchase it, due to manufacturing practices of the food industry. Nutrition in herbal supplements, therefore, is a safe way to provide our body with the essentials for healthy living. Taking herbal supplements brings about a gradual and healthier you. It flushes out the toxins that our bodies are subjected to, constantly in this fast paced world. It helps to purify the blood and prevents the onset of many diseases. It also brings an increase in energy levels and aids in sleeping well. 

The nutrients in herbal supplements are plenty and their effects far reaching. The best part about herbal supplements is that on one hand, they can be taken for general wellbeing, and on the other, to specifically treat illnesses. Herbal supplement health benefits are not limited to those with a specific problem, but can be consumed by healthy people as a preventive measure against future disease or just to experience a better sense of wellbeing.


Side Effects Of Herbal Supplements

With the large scale shift in mindset towards this form of healing, herbal supplements side effects can be harmful if taken carelessly and without research. Herbal supplement manufacturers are not subject to strict rules and regulations as other drugs and therefore, they should be taken carefully, as they can have an adverse reaction on our body. Herbal supplements effects may not always be as advertised. We should be aware of the claims of manufacturers make as very often they present sugar-coated facts to the common people. These include certain outlandish claims of total cancer cure or miraculous weight loss. Remember to always consult a doctor or pharmacist before taking herbal supplements.

Herbal supplements side effects can be unfavorable if we don’t take the correct dosage, and if we don’t research the manufacturer properly as they aren’t compelled to adhere to safety guidelines. It is advisable to buy supplements only from known manufacturers and to carefully read the list of ingredients before purchase. One of the herbal supplements risks is poor awareness of the effects it could have, especially if you are suffering from an illness. Certain supplements are not recommended for patients with illnesses like blood clotting, heart problems, high blood pressure, liver and thyroid problems. Therefore, consulting a doctor is crucial before going ahead with a supplement. Herbal supplement dangers also include the way our bodies react to certain drugs. This means that the medicine will not have the effect that it should have because of our intake of the herbal supplement. So if you’re taking medicine for anxiety, heart problem, blood pressure, or diabetes, you should be extra careful.


Dangerous Herbal Supplements

A list of most dangerous herbal supplements has been released recently. Due to lack of strict monitoring of supplements by the authorities, a few manufacturers get away with including unnecessary ingredients in unsafe proportions. This list contains a number of dangerous supplements that are harmful to the body. Examples are aristolochic acid that can cause kidney failure, comfrey, germander, kava and chaparral are bad for the liver, bitter orange can cause high blood pressure, and androstenedione is associated with a higher cancer risk.

Herbal supplements that boast of aiding weight loss and enhancing sexual performance have also been known to cause more harm than good in the long run. Herbal supplements have many advantages and can genuinely benefit us, however, we must be educated and aware of the products we buy. Besides this care should also be take to check the credibility of the manufacturers, and the ingredients of the supplements. An educated consumer is a healthy consumer.



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Of all the legends that tell the origin of coffee, the most striking is perhaps that of the Kaldi Ethiopian shepherd, who observed his goats chewing berries and leaves of a Coffea plant. The unusual energy and vivacity of the herd convinced the pastor to taste the red berries. Little by little the custom spread and began to prepare an infusion with abrasive and grinded seeds.

The drink was named Kahwa and then Kahve. However it was born, the custom of preparing an energy drink with Coffea berries spread from Ethiopia to Yemen, from Egypt to Damascus, and then to Istanbul.
Coffee in Europe began to circulate only in the sixteenth century, until it became popular in the 17th century with the birth and spread of “coffee houses”. Subsequently, the use of machines for making coffee at home began to spread. Coffee spread throughout all social classes, becoming the daily rite that still permeates our culture and our eating habits. Today, Italy is the undisputed world leader of import-export and official ambassador of the “philosophy” of the press.

Jamaican coffee is, in its turn, a perfect expression of this Italian excellence, with its wisdom in roasting and creating unique and precious blends.

The main coffee consumers in the world

The per-capita consumption of coffee is about 4.5 pounds of grain per year, but it is an average value: there are important differences depending on the geographical area to which reference is made. For example, in the US, the average annual is 4.2. The countries that record the highest consumption are those in Northern Europe: at the top of the ranking there is Finland, with a consumption of 12 kg per capita per year; Followed by Norway (9.9), Iceland (9), Denmark (8.7), Netherlands (8.4) and Sweden (8.2). The first non-European country on the list is Canada, the ninth with a consumption of 6.5kg per year.

Italy is in thirteenth position with a consumption of 5.9 kg. This seemingly low value in comparison to other countries can be explained by the different habits associated with the use of coffee: in Italy, as is well known, the espresso ritual is particularly popular for breakfast and after lunch, while in Northern Europe Tends to consume long coffee, which is drunk more frequently during the day.

Worldwide Offering a Caffe’ is equivalent to a sign of friendship.

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