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An exciting journey of flavors and traditions from the 20 regions of Italy, each with typical dishes and unique ingredients, fashion, creativity, design famous and loved all over the world.


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The most genuine and tasty ingredients 

Healthy ingredients to compose tasty and delicious dishes,

gastronomic expressions
Create moments to remember

Food Reimagined

The availability of all the ingredients necessary for the creation of desired foods

Fresh Ingredients

All starts with fresh ingredients

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For all types of events, advices and combinations of essential recipes


A Fresh Approach to Food

Where each ingredient is exalted, a union of flavors for a rediscovery of sensations

For a relaxed and informal environment in which to enjoy savory dishes and sweet delicacies chosen from Italian excellence, favoring fresh local products with creativity and imagination.

Distribution of an extraordinary range of organic products that are as delicious as they are healthy

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Any Day,
Any Time

The love of bringing the taste and true flavors directly from Italy to tables all over the world and the desire to create an original product for each customer in line with its marketing objectives, are the engines of the company’s great ability to innovate and re-interpret the basic ingredient.


Breakfast is particularly loved, the start of the morning that tickles the good mood, and it’s Buon Giorno!

Lunch / Dinner

First courses, side dishes, meat and fish in a thousand ways, fresh and colorful salads, prego , Buon Appetito!


Tastes and delights for breaks during the day, as well as for pure pleasure, in an almost artistic way , alla Salute!


What We’re Known For 

Artisanal Pasta

“Metodo delicato”  (“Delicated method” which recall the ancient way of making pasta ), our lines includes high-end organic pasta products.
Selected excellent organic raw materials to which the pure air and water are combined and the experience of over a century of pasta-making art.
This is the Italian Pasta stands out both on the tables of the most demanding palates and in the kitchens of the most renowned chefs.

Hazelnuts I.G.P. delle Langhe

It is a dried fruit rich in excellent properties, famous for being beneficial to the heart

It grows in the fertile and welcoming land of the Langhe in Piedmont, with unique characteristics that make it loved all over the world, with hearthy taste yet refined with sweet tones.

White and Black Truffle

Tuber found in the wild forests of Italy, growing near oak and hazel trees in the picturesque regions of Umbria and Piedmont. Among truffles, it’s known for its earthy, robust flavours.

Impossible not to fall in love with Truffles.


La Dolce Vita

“The Sweet Life”
As a symbol of style of being, in preparing life situations in a healthy and jovial way

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FOOD ACCOMPANIMENTS, among the most fascinating culinary delights

FOOD ACCOMPANIMENTS, among the most fascinating culinary delights

Fruit compotes, among the most fascinating culinary delights, are true gastronomic works of art that celebrate the freshness and goodness of nature. Excellent for spreading on a slice of bread with butter, for filling tarts and other sweets or for serving with cheeses...

Cognà all’Albese True Delight for dishes

Cognà all’Albese True Delight for dishes

We are in Piedmont, September is harvest time, but not only that! With the wine harvest, the period for COGNA' ALL'ALBESE (Cugnà Piemontese) begins, one of the oldest historical recipes of the region's cuisine.It is not known exactly when this sweet sauce was created,...

100% Organic Condiments

100% Organic Condiments

RA ORGANIC , the result of a long and careful selection of raw materials, respect for the territory in which it was born, and the timing of the manufacturing and production processes of an agricultural company, Produced and packaged by Prunotto Mariangela Azienda...