Yesterday I was particularly tense, so at the end of the day I arrived happy, with all the projects and commissions completed, but inevitably tired and eager to relax.

I have chosen to use spices and essential oils to recreate an idyllic atmosphere that immediately provided me with such an intense and profound well-being that it was a wonderful revelation.
I used a humidifier, I put a few drops of Lavender essential oil with two coffee beans to give some character to the smell that emanated in the air.

“Feeling good is essential”

Breathing exercises can be helpful for relaxation and anxiety, but also for helping us with stress and better sleep, and this was what I was looking for.
Aromachology connects memories to our daily well-being thanks to the use of perfumes and essences. Thanks to the sense of smell, all the smells with which we come into contact are recorded and stored in a special area of our mind, called the olfactory memory.
When we come into contact with a particular aroma, the receptors in our brain begin to function, taking on sensations that we thought were lost. Technically, perfumes act on our limbic system, stimulating the production of substances such as adrenaline and endorfin, thus influencing our emotions,

I had a fantastic experience, I raised my spirit and my soul which made me fall asleep wonderfully

The following day I felt light!

“Give yourself time for yourself”

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