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Are you preparing the suitcase for departure or are you going to organize it?

Summer brings refreshment and rest and we love having what we need at hand

It’s time to leave and pack the things we need most here, let’s not forget to put in the suitcase for the holidays a package of our favorite COFFEE , that box of CHOCOLATE that is reserved for special moments and a few grams of our precious SPICES that will make our refreshment and meals part of a total well-being .




Getting up in the morning, knowing that you have the rest of the day available for recreational activities,

puts you in a good mood straight away,

but even more so if the house breathes freshly brewed coffee.





A sense of pleasure invades, and it is a wonderful holiday feeling. COFFEE  immediately makes you HAPPY !!






















This pack and format of COFFEE  is incredible, easy to keep with you with a low weight and perfectly packaged, it can also be carried in your pocket !!




The days get warmer, more time spent outdoors invites to have lunch on the terrace or in the garden, where SUCCULENT SALADS and  SPARKLING APERITIFS are a celebration of summer.

Whether it is slightly or with a more intense flavor, help to compose and decorate a creative lunch , for outdoor summer barbecues and snacks , the use of aromatic sauces, fruity chutneys, spices are highly appreciated…



…who has never smelled that  inviting and irresistible smell of meat, fish roasted on the grill and has not said “Mhmmm What a good perfume, I get an appetite!



Plus Coffee, Chocolates and Spices are foods rich in OXIDANTS and help our body to be maintained in its total well-being,  indicated for the summer season make us to return from holidays with a shinier, more relaxed and rested skin, no doubt.


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About Rita

A lover of the cultures and traditions over the years Rita, born in Italy , travel lovers , has learned different languages, touched different paths that have strongly linked her to the natural aspects of life. Rita with culinary experience, decorator, fashion designer, entrepreneur, carefully follows nutrition and physical well-being alongside imagination and art, taking an interest in the beneficial effects that these bring. Sensations that decorate life itself with its wonders.