We are the ones who truly have the power to change things, step by step, with our wallet and daily choices to convey concrete messages of hope and promote positive change.

In order to satisfy every type of request and make shopping aware a pleasant and simple experience, to communicate the values ​​in which to believe and give them a way to raise awareness on the issues to which they feel close, such as sustainability and craftsmanship.

Conscious consumption



Favors the purchase of genuine and authentic food products,

We grow traditional root crops, like spices, coffee and sweet potatoes, which we use for family consumption and sell locally.

“Each of us has our own plot, but we help each other,” says Mr.Brown









Quality , produced in a responsible way respecting the environment, workers and consumers.




 This revived abundance of nutrient-rich traditional foods SIMPLICITY AND TRADITION ARE OUR ESSENCE




We save the wallet and the planet

by investing in what is reflected in a good PURPOSE

and it’s



About Rita

A lover of the cultures and traditions over the years Rita, born in Italy , travel lovers , has learned different languages, touched different paths that have strongly linked her to the natural aspects of life. Rita with culinary experience, decorator, fashion designer, entrepreneur, carefully follows nutrition and physical well-being alongside imagination and art, taking an interest in the beneficial effects that these bring. Sensations that decorate life itself with its wonders.