The weather was uncertain, commitments and commissions resolute and so I directed the driving of my car towards



It is always a good idea to spend time immersed in creative fantasies and inspirations


The styles are different and interesting, I find Jamaican artists very innovative and prone to experimenting with new arts, shapes, sizes and new materials.


Each artist actually has his own talent made from experiences, teachings from previous or familiar artists

who already embodied this wonderful expression

And it is precisely for this reason that art attracts a lot, every time it is a surprise,  creativity amazes !



This Art Gallery collects a myriad of paintings, easily it takes double the time just to decide which to choose


The paintings, sculptures, ceramics, furnishing objects are not only a tourist attraction but also definitely collectible


Each time you have the feeling of spiritual richness,

in the sense that it is a wonderful world,

where sensations arise, where you become a child again and a strong curiosity of beauty unites


For information’s about paintings visit website

About Rita

A lover of the cultures and traditions over the years Rita, born in Italy , travel lovers , has learned different languages, touched different paths that have strongly linked her to the natural aspects of life. Rita with culinary experience, decorator, fashion designer, entrepreneur, carefully follows nutrition and physical well-being alongside imagination and art, taking an interest in the beneficial effects that these bring. Sensations that decorate life itself with its wonders.