The philosophy for the conservation of the ecosystem and the protection of the environment have long been an integral part of the sustainability practices for the production of coffee in Jamaica

in fact, although the sector has seen in the past several forms and offers of trade, in Jamaica the cultivation and production of Arabica coffee has always remained the same.
This does not mean that the sector has not grasped the innovations that the company has imposed or tried to impose on the producers, they have simply been techniques that could not be implemented to guarantee the excellent quality of the BLUE MOUNTAIN COFFE.

In recent times, with the advent of a conscience prone to the conservation of territories and ecosystems, it has in fact come to the realization, with great satisfaction and pride, that the traditional method adopted by coffee producers on the island is the best and effective.

It is a community dedicated to all the people who work in the supply chain: Growers, Agronomists, Technicians, Cuppers, Managers, Distributors, Researchers and Institutions.

Sure the quantity was sometimes found to be scarce or not able to satisfy the demand of consumers, but even this in my point of view, is a confirmation that the naturalness and respect for the production process is intact.

In addition to developing and promoting environmentally friendly cultivation practices, we try to reduce the environmental impact of the entire production process.

With awareness the minimum use of water, the reduction of waste water, preserving the natural shading of the surrounding plants and the minimization of the use of synthetic products are among the main principles.

Essential notions that come together for the production of the best Arabica in the world

Expert roasting takes place in a very low emission plant, with absolute care by people with very high knowledge and experience.

Over the years we have made huge investments to minimize the environmental impact of processing, characteristics that have earned numerous and important international awards and certifications.

Coffe Farmers are a community created on passion offering the world the best coffee and a smile on the face of those who drink it

Day after day, one step after another
Because it is the patience, constancy that each of us makes is unique


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