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100 % authentic Jamaican GUINEA HEN WEED ( Anamu)

Guinea Hen Weed,(Petiveria alliacea) is a plant from the Phytolaccaceae family , a herbal supplement commonly used in Jamaica, and in South America. Its common name is Anamu or Gully root, and it grows commonly in Florida, Texas, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America, and has been introduced to AfricaTraditionally Guinea Hen Weed or Anamu has been used to fight colds, cough, pain, rheumatic pain, sinusitis, spasms, and anxiety. Guinea Hen Weed also kills bacteria, cancer cells, fungi, leukemia cells, viruses, and candida. It also expels worms, reduces fever, lowers blood sugar, reduces free radicals, and stimulates the immune system.

24 Tea bags x 2 gr. each  Net Wt. 48 gr. / 1.69 oz.



1. Bring 3 cups of water to a rapid boil
2. Add one stalk of the guinea hen weed, (you may use the leaves only, the roots only or both leaves and roots)
3. Allow to boil for a further three (minutes)
4. Remove from flame and allow to cool.
5. Sweeten as desired. Can also be had unsweetened

The tea may be served hot or chilled.

Guninea hen weed grows to about 3ft, has small green flowers, and the roots and leaves have a strong garlic smell, which is why it is also called garlic weed and can be used as a repellent.


Organically grown, packed in organic tea bags. Product of Jamaica.

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