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BLACK SALT: a volcanic condiment!

Find out how the black salt is born, what characteristics make it different from the traditional kitchen halls and how to use it best in your dishes.

black salt



Characteristics and provenance

Black salt is a special variety of sea salt with bitter taste and smoky smell. The dark color of this ingredient is due to its particular composition: it is worked together with volcanic ash and is sometimes enriched with vegetable charcoal.

The black salt we speak of, albeit similar to Indian and Cyprus, is actually produced on the Hawaiian islands. Along with red salt, the blue salt of Persia and the pink salt of the Himalayas, it is one of the most curious and original insaporiens that exist in nature. It allows to make recipes that are not only good and healthy but also beautiful and aesthetically inviting.

How to use it in recipes
The most suitable combinations for this type of salt are those of meat, fish and vegetables. This dressing is ideal especially on the cut and thread and, generally, on grilling. To keep its original organoleptic qualities unaltered, it is advisable to add it only to foods already cooked.

Black salt makes any dish more scenic and engaging. Among the most appreciated recipes that make use of this ingredient, you can remember black breadsticks. With a bit of fantasy you can still indulge in so many other preparations. If used in fact instead of the traditional kitchen halls, it also enhances the taste of soups, salads, sauces and pasta sauces.

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