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Cassava flour or tapioca, has a rather high energy content even if less than the classic wheat flour. From a chemical point of view, commercial manioc flour is mainly made from starch and is much more similar to potato starch than to cereal flour.  No Gluten. 100% VeganFARINA DI CASSAVA

Vegetable derived from the cassava tuber, belongs to the Euphorbiaceae family and is also called yucca or cassava
It is a tuber similar to a potato, but even more resembling a tuberous root. Composed almost exclusively of starch, with a minimum percentage of proteins, fibers and fats, it is mainly used as a thickener for creams and sauces.
At an industrial level, tapioca flour is used as a thickener and for the production of glucose, ethyl alcohol and beer.








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