It is one of the spices most used in the kitchen. The seed of the plant, oval rounded, has special taste and smell due to the presence of an aromatic oil. Widely used in the kitchen as an ingredient in cakes, puddings and creams and even the bechamel sauce, mashed potatoes and boiled vegetables. Often, in Italian cooking, it is added in fillings, traditionally for tortellini, ravioli and cannelloni meat, cheese or spinach.

The NUTMEG aroma, in moderation, is pleasant, warm, spicy, exotic woody, a bittersweet flavor with hints of clove.

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At the beginning of the eighteenth century, for its antiseptic NUTMEG was regarded as a remedy for over one hundred diseases. Relieves nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, while the butter is effective for external use against rheumatic pain and nerve. Also improves digestion, increases the intestinal peristalsis, and promotes bile flow.

From the Parish of  St.Mary, Jamaica,  these Nutmeg preserve their natural tropical flavour!




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