$11.00 (USD)


A tropical blend of COFFEE and NUTMEG ESSENTIAL OILS

These aromatherapy candles can take you back to the memories of your childhood, bring the crisp scent of JAMAICAN COFFEE and NUTMEG to your living room or send you off to a virtual tropical island !

Aromatherapy works on various different levels, and the actual process is based on the ancient truth of Hippocrates: ‘We must heal the person, not the illness.’ Or simply put, aromatherapy works by healing the whole human body, relaxing the mind and also in purely external terms – it deals with personal hygiene and skin diseases. Thus, we can see that aromatherapy has a ground to prove its worth.

Some times we are so hard pressed that it seems impossible to take out just 15 minutes to sit and relax. However busy we may be, it is essential for our complete well being to relax, recharge and keep ourselves healthy, for our own sake and for others whom we love. In such a situation, aromatherapy is very effective in reducing stress by using the powerful senses of smell.

Net Weight 4 oz   MADE IN JAMAICA

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