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Pimento Berry, known also as Allspice is the size of a large pea and has a deep rich-brown color. It is a spice derived from the dried fruit of the tree evergreen Pimenta Dioica, which grows in Jamaica Clove,Cinnamon,Nutmeg and pepper are the flavors very pronounced, especially when freshly ground.

Widely famously for the Jamaican jerk and several Caribbean dishes, is particularly great to flavor soups, stews, vegetable,fish, ham and beef.  Even the mashed potatoes can be directly enriched by this amazing berry.  Ground Pimento is delicious added to the mixtures of cakes, fruit cakes, pastries , sorbetto, ice-cream puddings and breads . The flavour is unique.

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Main components
Minerals, vitamins A, B, C, D and E.
Essential oil (also up to 5% in the Jamaican variety), consisting of eugenol, phellandrene, cineol, methyleugenol.

Healing effects
The pimento possesses digestive properties such as cardamom in berries, analgesic and antiseptic thanks to eugenol which is located in a quantity equal to 90% of the essential oil extracted from the fruit.
It has beneficial effects on colic and abdominal swelling, and toothache and stomatitis.
The infusion of allspice is used to fight respiratory infections.

Use in cooking
Allspice tastes spicy, slightly spicy, reminiscent of the aroma of cloves, the cinnamon sticks and even nutmeg. Explanatory is the English name of the pimento, just said “Allspice”. It is used to flavor sausages, smoked meat, game, but also bread and baked goods. It is used to preserve fish, pork, beef, vegetables and other canned foods. It can become a part of some recipes of curry, and is found in many spice mixtures.
From the leaves it is extracted an essential oil, often used to flavor meats and meat preparations

The allspice berries should be stored in a cool and  in the absence of light.

More curiosities..

Jamaica is the largest producer of allspice; other producing countries are Honduras, Guatemala, Brazil and Mexico.

Better to buy whole grains since last longer because of their aromatic.

About two centuries ago, the allspice, always thanks to its aromatic and antiseptic properties, was used by Russian soldiers who stuck objects in his boots as a deodorant.

It seems that among the ingredients used for embalming the Maya there was also the allspice.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties to slightly anesthetic, is also used to treat insect bites.

Due to its pungent odor and aromatic allspice is used in aromatherapy and in cosmetics is used for the preparation of perfumes.


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