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100 % authentic Jamaican SOURSOP (Graviola)

Soursop, which has botanical name Annona muricata is a fruit that originates from South America, South East Asia, and Africa. Everybody knows that the soursop fruit will bring you a lot of benefits for your health, but how about the leaves? Are they also have benefits for people’s health? Yes, it is finally revealed that soursop leaves will offer you tons of greatness for your body. Here are the health benefits that you could get from soursop leaves.

24 Tea bags x 2 gr. each Net Wt. 48 gr. / 1.69 oz.   20171013_144934


  1. Lists of health benefits of soursop leaves for overall treatments:
    1. Antibacterial: Soursop leaves is the natural sources to kill bacteria on body.
    2. Antivirus: Soursop leaves has the ability to prevent virus to grow.
    3. Anti-tumor: Thus, you can take soursop leaves to prevent tumor.
    4. Anti-parasite: Resistance the parasite to grow.
    5. Anti-Malaria: To prevent malaria.
    6. Diuretic: Soursop Leaves has the substances to promote diuresis.
    7. Vermifuge: The anthelmintic medicine.
    8. Astringent: To minimize dry skin.
    9. Antimutagenik: Substances to prevent gen mutation.
    10. Hypotension: To help healing the lower blood level.
    11. Analgesic: To lower the pain.
    12. Nervin: To strengthen nerve.
    13. Anti inflammation: To lower the pain of inflammation.
    14. Hypoglycemic: Soursop leaves have the substance to lowering glucose.
    15. Galactogogue: To produce more breast milk for mother.
    16. Cardio-depressant: Hold heart activity.
    17. Vasogilator: Substances for blood vessel.




1. Bring 3 cups of water to a rapid boil
2. Add one stalk of the guinea hen weed, (you may use the leaves only, the roots only or both leaves and roots)
3. Allow to boil for a further three (minutes)
4. Remove from flame and allow to cool.
5. Sweeten as desired. Can also be had unsweetened

The tea may be served hot or chilled

Medina is an evergreen plant that thrives all year round in the island’s topical climate. The plant grows throughout many forested areas on the island and its leaves are harvested from the wild.

Organically grown, packed in organic tea bags. Product of Jamaica.

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