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About Us

Directly from Italy, excellent products of the best Italian tradition,

A journey to discover highly prestigious medium-small companies, which can boast national and global recognition, with a philosophy based on respect for tradition, love for the territory and great attention to innovation. Creators of exceptional products, in all points of value.

                                                                   With           ,  Rita Armandi

culinary art

Italian Cuisine

A journey through various foods and dishes with the pleasure of knowing and discovering how and when to find the right ingredients.

Those looking for known FLAVORS and for those who want to discover new one.

Our Vision

Being open to innovation and with many stories “to tell”

Our Pleasure

Sharing the culinary traditions, itineraries, places to visit of a beloved and continually evolving creative culture 

Our Values

Quality, Authenticity, Courtesy, Availability.




Italian Fashion

Let yourself be won over by our exclusive selection of SS24 garments, designed to enhance your brightness and your innate elegance.


  With refined details, fine fabrics and innovative designs,

each piece is a hymn to self-love.



and celebrate your uniqueness, your beauty

and your strength with a gift designed for you