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About Rita

A lover of the cultures and traditions over the years Rita, born in Italy , travel lover , has learned different languages, touched different paths that have strongly linked her to the natural aspects of life.

Rita with culinary experience, decorator, fashion designer, entrepreneur, carefully follows nutrition and physical well-being alongside imagination and art, taking an interest in the beneficial effects that these bring. Sensations that decorate life itself with its wonders.

Since 1992, Rita Armandi has been producing elaborate ready-to-wear garments that require hours and hours of experience and artistic skill.
Previously only for shops it has now opened to the public.

It is her fascination for the finesse and manual skill of the artisans she meets through her continuous travels that pushes Rita Armandi to create and imagine garments made to be handmade, in diametrically opposite to industrialized fast fashion and mass-produced, instead distilling millennia traditional dyeing and printing processes – such as bandhani and batik – embroidery techniques and weaving know-how. In the truest tradition and with patience, tender care and dedication, the women and men with whom the designer has established relationships of trust and respect give life to the unique pieces that make up the distinctive RA collections.

About Jamaica

With an venue in Jamaica, where Rita spends most of the year, due to the climate and nature She loves,
also provides..

Guaranteed by a rigorous system of controls, RITAJAM exports the finest products to consumers worldwide.

Best Selections of  100% Blue Mountain Coffee’, High Mountain Coffee, Coffee Blends, Herbal Teas , a full range of pure & natural spices, Jamaican Sauces, Marmalades & Jams  made in a traditional way; Bodycare products strictly organic; Unique interesting  Books about Jamaican cuisine, Jamaican Art , Jamaican Flowers and Plants for a comparative  literatures and cultures exploration about this beautiful Caribbean Island.

From the farmer, plantation, producer to your home, enhanced by the best technologies and sustainable practices.

Blending experience, innovation and passion , with a led a path of excellence with energy and determination, transparency, reliability, commitment, it involves local farmers, producers and distributors completely because it is bound to our desires to discover, travel and go beyond.


With  import from Italy , excellences that we proudly distribute to our customers worldwide

Attentive to the smallest details to guarantee full Customer satisfaction.