Cognà all’Albese True Delight for dishes

We are in Piedmont, September is harvest time, but not only that!

With the wine harvest, the period for COGNA’ ALL’ALBESE (Cugnà Piemontese) begins, one of the oldest historical recipes of the region’s cuisine.
It is not known exactly when this sweet sauce was created, but it was certainly born in a distant era, when refrigerators did not yet exist.
In a historical era in which nothing could be wasted, there was in fact the need to conserve fruit, especially at the end of the season when it abounds on the trees.
Why the month of September and October? Because it is the period of the must, in fact during the harvest a part of it was taken to transform it into cognà, a sort of rather liquid jam to which other ingredients are then added, perfect to serve with cheeses, but also to spread on bread in the morning toasted.
The second most important ingredient is patience, in fact this is absolutely necessary to prepare this sauce, the heat must be strictly low and it takes about a whole day to prepare this delicious compote, because it is necessary to evaporate all the water present in the must and into the fruit and let it thicken consistently and over time, so that the flavors blend.
The other ingredients of the cognà are hazelnuts (obviously the Piedmont IGP Hazelnut), local peaches, apples and quince pears which are an ancient variety that are only eaten cooked, figs and madernassa pears, as well as some spices and other dried fruit such as almonds and walnuts.

More imaginative but effective combinations are with vanilla ice cream or on a fresh granita.


Are you curious to try cognà? , all for you to try !

The flavor is enhanced on cheeses and is certainly one of the best combinations.


The tasting of Cognà with mature cheeses is particular.