Feb 24, 2024 | Blog edition

The agri-food supply chain is the set of all the phases through which an agricultural product passes from the land to the table, from the production and collection of raw materials up to its arrival on the consumer’s plate. Each food has its own supply chain, represented by its history, by the processes it has undergone, from the producers to the supermarkets, shops, restaurants and our homes.

Collaboration between Industry and Distribution to respond more adequately to consumer requests regarding sustainability, food education and the fight against waste.

For us there is only one way of doing business: doing it in a sustainable way through a set of concrete actions based on participation and inclusiveness.

Starting with choosing preferred sources , capable and compatible with.

This expression indicates a completely traceable supply chain, of which consumers can have information on all phases. Furthermore, the traceability and transparency of supply chains are aspects that have many positive effects such as allowing us to:

Achieve new levels of sustainability, development, environmental and social responsibility and food security verify the origin of all products.
Check and verify products with certifications and brands such as DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) and IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) and must comply with certain specifications document its origin and history, creating trust and credibility with consumers.