Hazelnut, heart-friendly dried fruit

Round, delicate and of high quality; this is the prized IGP Piedmont Hazelnut, born and grown in the magical hills of the Langhe, a very unique Land that gives excellent products: the Piedmont region.

The IGP Piedmont Hazelnut is the best nature can give us; its delicate and persistent taste, its unique flavor and distinctive aroma make it the most valuable Hazelnut in the world.

It is round, gentle and from the Langhe, the most famous hazelnut in the world

The Hazelnt Piedmont IGP from the Langhe is considered the most aromatic in the world, thanks to an alchemical mix of elements that distinguish the hazelnut groves along the ridges of the hills of lower Piedmont.

It is the climatic conditions that make Piedmont, and more precisely a narrow area between the hills of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, a land with a high hazelnut vocation. An attitude known already at the end of the 19th century when the arrival of phylloxera and downy mildew left no escape for the vineyards so widespread in this corner of Italy which was reborn thanks to the agronomist Emanuele Ferraris who aimed at greater productivity and better resistance to Hazel tree pests.

The Piedmont IGP hazelnut from the Langhe. Why is she called round and kind?

The Piedmont hazelnut cultivar which has obtained PGI designation already in 1993.

But you have to climb several hundred meters above sea level and arrive where the last vineyards fade away and a labyrinth of climbs and gullies dotted with woodland spots begins to reach the area where the cultivation of hazelnuts finds its maximum expression: the Alta Langa. This triangle of land is home to 57 municipalities perched on its hills which are the only ones that can attribute to their hazelnut production the additional specification “delle Langhe” to the indication of the PGI, an identifying denomination of the cru approved in 2019 to enhance the exclusivity of geographical origin. In this area it is the organic composition of the soil, the right exposure to the sun and the altitude which reaches up to 700 meters that creates a microclimate that makes “hill hazelnuts” extraordinary, giving them strong floral and honey notes, fruity aromas and spicy aromas, which make up a rich, broad, complex bouquet.


Genesis of the best in the world

Villages frozen in time, vineyards as far as the eye can see and rows of orderly rows outline the landscapes of the central hills of Piedmont, with exceptional beauty and culture and for this reason included in the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Here the human element, often prevalent, has been able to respect the natural vocation of the lands which still host quality agriculture. The hazelnut is inserted in this context, an Italian excellence (of which Piedmont is, after Lazio and Campania, the third region in terms of production) which begins from the earth and passes through techniques which, combining productivity and sustainability, have allowed the hazelnut grove to become productive already in the third year after planting, to reach maturity in the seventh and to last several decades.

“It is above all the roasting that personalizes our hazelnuts which are processed following the specificities of each batch. The ice cream makers who choose them are surprised by the value of the fruits that we process in purity and by the quality of the product guaranteed by the continuous checks that take place during all phases of processing”.


“The IGP Piedmont Hazelnut expresses itself perfectly in pastry making but gives its best even if interpreted in an ice cream version”.
It is the secret of famous chefs !