“I Clivi” extra virgin olive oil comes from the cold pressing of a careful selection of different olive varieties, all of which are of high quality and cultivated in different ways. This particular blend combines the typical sweetness of Ligurian olives and the excellent characteristics of those from the central and southern regions of Italy.

Its intense and vivacious character communicates its strong flavour and fruity aroma … more that come from its traditional processing. It has an acidity level of less than 0.4%


Extra virgin olive oil I Clivi

Veiled aspect, yellow colour with bright green reflexes. Medium fruity perfume. Decise fruity taste, grassy, fresh, full with green almond aftertaste, thistle and notes of spicy and bitter.
Excellent for garnishing vegetable soups and meat dishes.
It’s ideal for cooking meat and frying.



From the experience of Mastro Oleario Antonio Mela arrive these blends from expertly selected oils. From the most exclusive olives, through our mill to your table, every bottle is a concentrate of passion, tradition and want for excellence.

DOP Riviera dei Fiori


Made from the cold pressing of Taggiasca olives only, hand collected and milled before 24 hours, this is an extra virgin olive oil that passed sever controls and a panel test, an objective analysis of all the sensorial carachteristics.

At the taste the Extra virgin olive oil Riviera Ligure DOP Riviera dei Fiori has an exceptional sweet aroma, fruity and a delicate and full flavour.

Visually it’s yellow, medium high density and veiled. Cold pressed. The acidity is below 0,3%.