BOOK MALLICA “KAPO” REYNOLDS The John Pringle Collection

BOOK MALLICA “KAPO” REYNOLDS The John Pringle Collection


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A donation of 23 paintings by Mallica “Kapo” Reynolds to the National Gallery of Jamaica

Kapo, there can be no doubt, is one of most important Jamaican artists of the twentieth century and his association with Jamaica’s main African-derived religion, Zion Revival, makes him doubly important.

Revival, as the paintings in the John Pringle Collection well illustrate, was Kapo’s main source of inspiration and even those works that do not represent recognizable Revival practices, such as the landscapes, portraits and romantic couples, are illustrative of its life world. Kapo faced prejudice and, even persecution, during his early years, because of the negative stereotypes that surrounded African-derived religions during the colonial era. While some of these may still linger today, it is of great credit to the cultural vision of Edward Seaga, who first brought Kapo to public attention, and John Pringle in the 1960s and, later on, the likes of Annabella Proudlock and David Boxer, that Kapo was given due recognition as a Jamaican master artist and representative of an important and defining African-derived cultural tradition.

Kapo received many prestigious awards including Silver and Gold Musgrave Award from the Institute of Jamaica. received in 1969 and 1986 respectively – and the Order of Distinction by the Government of Jamaica in 197


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