20 Alternative uses for Coffee

Coffee is certainly one of the most popular and most widely consumed beverages. But what to do if it happens and how to reuse leftovers in a clever coffee grounds? Here are a few suggestions in this regard that may be helpful in cleaning the house, in the kitchen, in the care of your beauty and your pets as well as your flower garden.  caffe_diabete So for coffee, its beans and as for what remains after the preparation of this drink, there are many alternative reuse, which may or may help you avoid that small amounts of waste going directly into the damp bin. 1) Deodorant for the fridge The coffee powder, such as sodium bicarbonate, has the ability to absorb bad odors inside your refrigerator. Simply riporne few tablespoons in a small container to hold off the formation of any unpleasant smells, which will disappear as if by magic. 2) Reduce Cellulite The creams commonly for sale against cellulite often have as one of their ingredients caffeine, capable of acting positively against the capillary circulation and the stagnation of liquids. You can get your cream do-it-yourself mixing the powdered coffee with sweet almond oil. Rub the mixture on the critical points before the shower. 3) Delete the bad odors from hands Garlic chopping, slicing or peeling an onion leeks, you will sometimes see their scent moves to persistently on your hands. Sfregatele So with a bit of ground coffee (also recovered from a fund) before passing under the water to solve the problem. 4) Homemade Compost advanced coffee or coffee grounds can be used to enrich your compost or soil to use in your plants at the time of transfer, especially in the case they require rather acidic soils, it characterized in that the coffee will be able to donate their thanks to ability to release nitrogen in the soil. 5) For shiny hair If advanced coffee, let it cool and dilute it with water and apply it on the hair with the help of a spray container before washing. Let sit for about twenty minutes and then go to the shampoo. Repeat the treatment once a week to get better results. The treatment, if done regularly, will give the delicate reflections coffee-colored hair. 6) Natural Dyeing Of very strong coffee may be used for the dyeing of textiles and fabrics in linen or cotton, which will have to be left to soak in the liquid, with addition of water and brought to a boil, for a night. The treatment can be repeated according to the color to be obtained. 7) Pincushion A small amount of ground coffee or coffee beans can be used to compose the padding of a handmade pincushion with scraps of fabric recovered. The coffee will also protect your pins and needles from rusting. 8) Clean the fireplace The removal of ash from the fireplace can be facilitated by sprinkling on it the coffee grounds that will facilitate its removal in doing so that it does not rise up to the time to act with bucket and shovel or with the vacuum cleaner. 9) Natural Scrub You can achieve a natural body scrub that will help in the removal of dead cells, by mixing a tablespoon of ground coffee and half a tablespoon of olive oil. Mix and rub on the skin before showering. 10) Remove the ants To remove the ants from the entry points of your home, sprinkle the ground of previously left to dry coffee grounds. You can do the same in the vicinity of the anthill, even pouring coffee directly. Its smell should discourage them. 11) Fertilize plants Plants that love acidic soil will thank you if you sprinkle in the vicinity of their roots of used coffee grounds. You can also use the remnants of coffee remained in the cups, after being diluted. The nutrients found in coffee encourage growth and flowering of azaleas, rhododendrons and blueberry bushes. 12) abrasive cleanser You can transform the common dishwashing detergent in an abrasive cream to be used for cleaning hard surfaces or for removing stubborn dirt from pots and stoves. Just add the coffee powder, also already used and allowed to dry, at a small amount of detergent and mix before use. 13) Auto Air Freshener If you love the smell of coffee, you can make a product do-it-yourself and perfumed deodorant for cars using it to fill a small bag made of tulle or recovering the fabric of old pantyhose. For its implementation, you can follow the images and instructions at this link. 14) Grow mushrooms Many do not know about it, but the coffee grounds can be used for the cultivation of mushrooms, practice that the start-up in California Bttr Ventures has turned into a real sustainable business. Simple kit for the self-production of mushrooms which make use of using coffee grounds can be purchased online. 15) Flea The coffee grounds are considered a great repellent for fleas. They can be rubbed on the dog’s coat after a bath. The hair should be brushed once dry. The smell of coffee grounds will be far less annoying than that of many common flea. 16) Cleaning of drains The coffee grounds can be diluted with water and poured down the drains of sinks, bathtubs and toilets to ensure their cleanliness and hold off the persistent formation of unpleasant odors. 17) Keep the sugar or salt A handful of coffee beans can be placed on the bottom of the jar in which the sugar or sugar preserved so prevemire the formation of excessive humidity. A similar suggestion also applies if the salt. 18) Feeding the worms in your compost bin If you decided to build a compost bin from the balcony to the formation of compost exploits the action of earthworms placed inside of it, do not be afraid to throw your coffee grounds. It appears that the earthworms appreciate them a lot, and that thanks to them can increase their efficiency. 19) Delete the scratches from furniture If you have furniture or dark wood frames that appear hopelessly scratched, try to dip a cloth or a brush in a cup of instant coffee and to use the drink as a natural dye until the scratched part will resume a shade as close as possible to that of the surrounding surface. 20) Secret Ingredient Used coffee as a secret ingredient in the kitchen for the preparation of granitas, sorbets, home-made cakes, creams, biscuits and sweets of various kinds. Regalerete them an unexpected twist. Some have even tried to use it as an unexpected ingredient in the preparation of risotto. Experiment with new recipes never hurts!

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