The Spicy Wellness involves the use of aromatic spices such as turmeric, curry, juniper, vanilla and ginger in beauty and well-being. Prepared and combined in different ways spices are used for the body through herbal baths, masks, body wraps and massages.
A bit of history
Of mysterious origins, the spices were transported worldwide by Arab traders who act as intermediaries between the distant Indies, Africa and Europe. Always spices were considered rare and precious, treated in ancient texts pearls, gold and precious stones, for their remoteness of countries of origin and the high costs and risks of transport for their function to preserve foods and to confuse the bad smells, as well as being essential ingredients to the religious rites of different cultures. In the Middle Ages became immensely popular for their curative and kitchen. And when Christopher Columbus discovered in the fifteenth century, the “new world” imported from the Americas chilli, allspice, vanilla berries, etc. With the emergence of various culinary cultures, these precious species have experienced in recent years a sort of renaissance, thanks to the special and unique flavors and smells of the countries of origin.

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How to apply
There are several uses of spices in the field of beauty and beauty treatments. They Can also be used fresh (chopped or in the form of powders) or dried and crushed, but also cooked in the oil or in the form of fragrant essential oils.
The professional esthetician needs to understand the basic properties of each spice to be able to properly exploit all the properties and maximum performance. They must therefore be chosen, measured and prepared by expert hands. Each spice has specific properties very powerful and inappropriate use could be harmful and deleterious. The methods of preparation of the compounds to be applied to the body and the combinations of ingredients are numerous. Depending on the type of skin of those who receive treatment and according to the result to be obtained, are chosen and stir.
Usually spices are not coated in pure form directly on the skin because their action could be aggressive or allergenic. Following precise dosages, however, they are mixed therefore in cosmetics “base” of various kinds such as oils, creams, muds and clay, so as to make them compatible and well tolerated by the epidermis.

Aroma strong, warm and pleasant cinnamon is considered the most important spice in the world and is one of the oldest, along with black pepper and saffron. It is an aromatic plant of tropical which uses only the internal part of the bark that after drying it is rolled rod-shaped. Cinnamon aids digestion and has tonic, stimulant and anti stress. The essential oil is considered a stimulant of the nervous system that can speed up your breathing and heart rate. It has a powerful antibacterial action.
Herbaceous plant of the Indian region, which will use the seeds. It has properties antispasmodic, antibacterial and is used for digestive and bowel. The scent of the essential oil stimulates the senses and is considered an aphrodisiac.
Herbaceous plant whose fruits are used. Rule gastrointestinal function, it stimulates appetite and by external use, improves peripheral circulation and has a strong disinfectant to the skin and mucous membranes.
Herbaceous plant common in India and all of Southeast Asia. If it uses the root, which has power to detoxifying the body, immunostimulant, anti-inflammatory and healing of wounds and skin diseases. For its antioxidant properties and the content of vitamin C it protects against free radicals and fights cellular aging.
It is not a spice but a blend of Indian spices and flavors of different toasted and pulverized. It contains turmeric, ginger, cardamom, coriander, black pepper, cumin, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and red pepper.
Evergreen tree coming from the Moluccas and widespread in tropical area, which will use the seeds. It is a strong antiseptic.
Climbing shrub native to India. Recommended since antiquity to fight menstrual pains and as a digestive. For external use it has a stimulating effect on the circulation.
The spicy fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidant flavonoids. Thanks to the stimulating action, reactivates microcirculation, while its antibacterial components are useful in the treatment of inflammation.
Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) is the world’s most popular flavor; in nature it is the result of a climbing plant belonging to the family of orchids and is not cultivated for ornamental purposes but exclusively for the production of the famous spice with sweet and intense fragrance. A native of Mexico, is cultivated in all tropical regions, Africa and Oceania. The vanilla has stimulating and antiseptic properties, it is highly aphrodisiac. To make the most of the flavor, it is good to rub the stick, trying not to lose any of the small grains aromatic.
Herbaceous plant of South Asia, of which it takes root. It has strong power for energizing circulation and contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory, so that was used from ancient times in oriental medicines to treat contusions, bruises, muscle stiffness and trauma.
Total body relaxing massage
An appropriate mix of various spices and a technique that goes back to the Ayurvedic tradition are the foundation of a long treatment, pleasant and fragrant, that provides a complete mental and physical relaxation: the direct action of the active ingredients on the body is combined with the benefits of mechanical massage and the balancing effect of aromatherapy.
Here are the steps:
1) The session begins with a massage, characterized by sliding moves very enveloping affecting the whole body, including the face and scalp, and gradually loosen muscle tension. The epidermis is sprinkled with a very aromatic oil, which is made by cooking cinnamon, ginger, cardamano in a base of almond oil, black currant, sesame or hazel, chosen according to individual needs and skin type.
2) The next step is dedicated to a scrub: the body is sprinkled with a fine powder, obtained by the three spices used previously. The remaining oil on the body absorbs this scented powder to form a paste exfoliating. A massage with friction and rubbing that affect the entire body, including the feet, exfoliates and reactivates peripheral circulation, heating the tissue in this way the aromas spread further and the active ingredients penetrate deep. The residues are removed with sponges soaked in warm water.
3) We then move on to the application of a mud, prepared by mixing powder of ginger, cinnamon, and lemon cardamano (rich in antioxidants and valuable vitamins) with white clay and water. This cream is spread on the areas that, according to Ayurvedic medicine, are more prone to heat loss, that is energy: the lower back, feet and hands.
Cellulite wrap
One of the properties common to many spices is action vasotonic and stimulating circulation, which improves the blood supply in the areas in which it is applied. This makes them extremely useful for prevention and treatment of cellulite. One of the most effective treatments to counter this imperfection is the compress pepper.
For this treatment uses a special blend made from the fermentation of seaweed (rich in trace elements and draining), mixed fruit (rich in antioxidants), willow (and inflammation), Centella and holly (vasotonici), camphor and chili, mixed according to precise proportions.
This mousse is then applied locally, on the affected areas by the adipose tissue, by means of small cotton cloths soaked, that the adhering mo ‘patch. The exposure time is 60 minutes but the beneficial effects continue even after the session: in fact, when the wrap is removed, apply an oil rich in ceramides which has the function to maintain active medicinal substances 24 hours.
The wrap cellulite plays a lipolytic (that promotes the consumption of stored fat) and rebalances cell metabolism, promotes the removal of toxins accumulated in the tissues. The wrap is not recommended for those suffering from capillary obvious, why would risk accentuate them. It lasts about an hour and a half.
Facial treatment
The use of spices in the masks and facial massage, to improve the tone, luster, firmness and hydration of the epidermis, is infrequent and requires many precautions: in fact the skin is particularly delicate and subject irritated. Also if you use the sides of the nose of spice essential oils in excessive amounts, can cause allergic reactions.
Face possible anti-aging massage with application of sweet almond oil or rose, emollient and nourishing, which have been previously dilute a few drops of essential oils of cinnamon, black pepper and cumin (the ideal ratio is one drop of essential oil per 10 ml of base oil).
You can also make similar treatments with the use of turmeric or ginger, very effective in the case of oily, blemished skin, but using spices cooked in a base oil, instead of the essential oil.
Another treatment of suggestion thai, provides a mask made of turmeric and yogurt: the first makes the skin elastic and accentuates the natural color, the second nourishes and softens the effect of turmeric same pigmentation. Massages and face masks last about 20/30 minutes.
Cream for toning the breasts
For a breast with greater firmness and a desirable aesthetic effect it is possible in the beauty farm of the natural treatments to improve the elasticity of the breast. A handful of anise seeds are ground to the beautician in a mixer or in a mortar. Are added, then, two tablespoons of clay and cold water. All is well blended until a soft cream smooth. The beautician applying it for about 15 minutes on the entire breast. After rinse with fresh water. For visible results is fundamental do so at least once a week.
Revitalizing bath
In addition to the properties of herbal medicine and aromatherapy, spices are also used for the color therapy. This is the case of a rejuvenating treatment with thermal water curry.
The person is immersed in the hot tub, which was dissolved Curry. The stimulant properties are expressed is through the heady scent, either through color: a bright orange bathroom, because in addition to promoting a good mood, stimulates body functions associated with the disposal of grease and lymphatic drainage. It should not be immersed more than 20 minutes.

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