Which sauce for the grill you choose?   Summer, joyful season with the sun and the longest days, you will rediscover the pleasure of organizing fantastic grilling in the open air with your friends. You do not need to have an immense garden and a super-equipped place to cook on the grill, even a small terrace and a portable barbecue can give you great culinary delights. The important thing is to choose good quality meat or fish coupled with the best sauces to accompany your favorite dishes.


grigliata mista


CONDIMENTS, SEASONINGS ,SAUCES  that are good with meat, fish and even vegetables

If you love spicy appetizers with all kinds of beef

Special dressing that enhances the taste of grilled pork

If you like delicious meats like lamb to grilled, and you want a sauce to match

Or to give your barbecue a very spicy and oriental flavor the best choice

And what do you like about barbecue sauces?
Have you already decided what to buy?

For sure, you see a lot between the shelves of the supermarket, they are all tastes, but the great home-made barbecue sauces with local ingredients bought from the origin other than making you a fantastic  WOW moment with your friends, will save you and be more Sure of what you are eating.

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