Beetroot risotto garnished with celeriac cream


Ingredients for 4 servings:

300 g Carnaroli rice
2 cooked beetroots (vacuum-packed)
20 g unsweetened almond cream
Salted vegetable broth (8 g salt per liter of water)
20 g rice malt
Fresh aromatic herbs
Fresh thyme
Lemon peel
Juice of 1/2 lemon
Extra virgin olive oil

For the celeriac cream:

1/2 celeriac
Sesame oil


Cook 50 g rice in salted water for 25 minutes. Drain and blend with the almond cream and a little broth until the mixture is creamy. This will be used to thicken the risotto.
Peel the celeriac, dice it and cook in salted water for 8 minutes. Drain and blend with a little cooking water until you obtain a smooth cream. Season with a little sesame oil.
Peel the beetroots: put aside half a beetroot cut into little cubes and blend the others slowly adding cold broth until the liquid is bright red. Filter with a fine mesh strainer and keep warm.
Finely chop the aromatic herbs and put aside. Also finely chop the lemon peel and combine it with the thyme leaves; cover with extra virgin olive oil and put aside.
In a thick-bottomed saucepan, toast the remaining rice (250 g) for 3 minutes with a little oil; start slowly adding the broth and the beetroot juice. Cook for 15 minutes stirring constantly and adding beetroot juice and broth. When the cooking time is over, if necessary, allow the excess liquid to dry and then remove from heat. Add the beetroot dices, the chopped aromatic herbs, the lemon juice, the malt and a little oil flavored with thyme. Add salt if needed.
Mix all the ingredients and thicken with the rice and almond cream. Pour the risotto onto a warm plate and garnish with a dollop of celeriac cream

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