A creamy, fruit-based soft serve dessert , It’s amazingly delicious!

pine ice creamINGREDIENTS:

1 fresh pineapple, peeled, cored and chopped

1 cup almond milk, coconut milk or non-dairy milk of choice

1 tablespoon honey (optional, for authentic sweetness)

1tsp Pimento

1tsp Cloves
½ tsp Cinnamon stick
3 pieces Star anise
3 oz. Granulated Sugar-just to sprinkle


1. Blend all spices together and add to the chunks pineapple ( I chopped mine a day ahead of time, and froze the chunks overnight). This recipe works best in a high-speed blender, because you’ll need to be able to pulverize the pineapple into an ice-cream-like consistency. A normal blender will most likely not work, but a food processor might.

2. Combine the frozen pineapple with the almond milk and honey, then blend until a frozen sorbet texture is achieved..

3. For an authentic Dole Whip presentation, transfer the frozen dessert to a large plastic bag, and cut off the tip to create a piping bag. Pipe the pineapple whip into 4-6 dishes, and serve immediately!

4. Any leftovers can be frozen in an ice cube tray, and used in smoothies later. ENJOY

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