Tuna with capers and pimento



1 slice fresh tuna
1 potato
A handful of green beans
1 quail egg
Tuna in oil
White wine
Lollo Rosso lettuce
Anchovy fillets
Salina capers
Nocellara olives (or tasty green olives)
Soy sauce
Worcester sauce
Extra virgin olive oil.
Boil the potato, the green beans and the quail eggs. Mince the tuna to obtain a tartare and season it with the desalted capers, a few drops of soy sauce, Worcester sauce and tabasco. Set aside in the fridge. Prepare a light mayo and season it with a little white wine and with very finely chopped scallion, peppers,  pimento, Nocellara olives and tuna in oil.
Assemble the dish putting at the center a tablespoon of this sauce, the potato slices, the tuna tartare and the green beans. Top with anchovy fillets and on the side, some Lollo Rosso lettuce leaves and the quail eggs. Garnish with a sprig of thyme/lemon.
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