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Lennox Coke wasĀ  born on August 14, 1970 in Thornton St Elizabeth Jamaica ,Ā  the youngest of six children, both his parents were farmers,Ā  butĀ  young Coke early started showing his creativeness, he later stated it wasĀ  art that found him ; “canā€™t remember when drawing wasnā€™t a daily spouse of expression,Ā  I was always creating items such as toys and comic books, in school my peers depends on my creativity to produce the next super-hero , cartoon, comic , class project etc.” ; ..He was even referred to by the name ā€œartistā€ by family and friends, after completing his secondary educationĀ  Lennox came to Kingston, while waiting on response from application letters he send to colleges with the hope of studying machines engineering which he had started at secondary level, Cokeā€™s got employment in aĀ  interior decorating andĀ  furniture establishmentĀ  , he quickly learned the skills andĀ  became a capable cabinet maker he later learnedĀ  to do antique restoration . It was here that the bossĀ  saw his artistic potential and encouraged him to pursue studies in art after seeing some of his graļ¬ƒti. It was only then that Lennox realized that hisĀ  creative passionĀ  could actualized in a viable career choice

Lennox Coke in his Home Studio

He shifted gears and headed to the Edna Manley College of the Visual and performing arts as the ļ¬rst step to fulļ¬ll the new ā€œDreamā€, Coke  carpentry skill which was learned earlier became rather useful , as he was able to make painting easels which he then sold  to this class mate, a welcoming ļ¬nancial  assistance that  took care of needy  art supplies and  class projects, After ļ¬nish studying Coke once again seek  employment  he works in  printerys, Antique shops etc, but none bring him satisfaction , He turned to the one thing that makes him fulļ¬ll ā€˜art,ā€™  launching his career as an artist with a do or die focused, Lennox pulled from his core experiences growing up in rural  Jamaica  ,capturing day to day lifeā€™s of ordinary foes which readily have his work been notice by art lovers and curators.  he started  participates in exhibitions  Jamaica and overseas , he exhibit in Trinidad and Tobago, Washington D.C, New York City, Toronto , Barbados among others,  He is also a frequent participant in local calendar events : Caribbean Gift & craft, liguanea art auction, Mandeville art show, liguanea art festival etc. 

Lennox Coke has a deep and abiding commitment to the portrayal of Jamaican culture and lifestyle through his art,  His artistic offerings are snippets of Jamaican life which he provides to the viewer as a way to experience the real Jamaica and its people.

He had the distinction of providing the cover images for books, such as The Embodiment of Disobedience: Fat Black Womenā€™s Unruly Political Bodiesā€™ by Andrea Elizabeth Shaw  , The Archipelagos of Sound : by Ifeona Fulani. But his 2016 dance hall session piece that was created for yellow pages phone book covers as immediately increases Coke status  after the work  became controversial when a church lobby group called ā€œThe Jamaica Coalition for Healthy Societyā€ deems the image offensive and spreading wrong values. This split public opinions and conversation rage on for weeks earning  Coke unlimited popularity locally and overseas, Over the years Lennox has garnered many awards from entries to the national festival of arts competition, his paintings can be found in the Bank of Jamaica Collection, other commercial banks, insurance company,  doctors oļ¬ƒces, private  collection of art connoisseurs  local and  international far as Australia, south Africa, The support of patrons over the years has motivated this artist to greater heights.

Check his work LENNOX COKE ART

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Jamaica, in particular its capital Kingston, can today be considered one of the centers of Caribbean art; his artistic activity had a huge development especially after 1962, the year of independence achieved.

The origins of this artistic heritage can be traced back to the pre-Columbian era, proof of this are the engravings left by the Arawaks, the first inhabitants of the island, on the walls of numerous caves scattered throughout Jamaica and still visible.

Before the 30s the art was neglected rather than encouraged; it was considered more a hobby than a real profession, making artists’ life prospects difficult.

Edna Manley, wife of Norman Manley, has a fundamental role in the artistic development of the beginning of the 20th century: it is thanks to her that Jamaican art begins to free itself from European aesthetic standards and to find its own original dimension.
She was a central figure in the Jamaican art world both for her work and for supporting local artists, including the so-called “intuitive”, linked above all to local themes.

There is no collective style that can define the work of Jamaican artists: there are a variety of styles, ways and forms ranging from the academic, to the self-taught (or intuitive), to the Impressionist, to the social-realist, mixing European influences and Americans with African techniques, colors and shapes.

In addition to Edna Manley, painter and sculptor, other important figures for the Jamaican art movement are Albert Huie, Cecil Baugh, Kapo and Alvin Marriott.

I’ll give you an overview of the most influential and characteristic artists of Jamaica, follow me in this exciting journey of discovery https://www.ritajam.com/art/








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