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Aperitivi – Happy Hour Italian Style

A pre-dinner drink for relaxing, socializing and enjoying a glass of vino with a few nibbles – sounds like happy hour !  The aperitivo is a time-honored ritual, a drink in the early evening to sit and unwind, and enjoy the atmosphere of the piazza, bar, venue and good company. It’s also said to stimulate the appetite for the upcoming meal.

The tradition is more often found in the north, where it was in vogue in the 1800s in elegant bars in cities like Torino, Genoa, Firenze, Venice, and Rome. It’s now spread around the country.

Drinks come with snacks, sometimes as simple as peanuts and chips, or more elaborate nibbles like finger sandwiches, pizza rounds, bruschetta and olives.

Even have aperitivo buffets , making it a nice, light, inexpensive dinner alternative with cheese and vegetable puff pastries,  seafood cocktails, truffle canapés.

The appetizers are called stuzzichini” or if you are in Venice, “cicchetti ”.

Each bar has its own signature cocktails, though wine, Prosecco (a dry sparkling wine) and Campari remain perennial favorites. For those who don’t want alcohol, try one of the non-alcoholic beverages specially made for the aperitivo hour, such as Crodino or Bitter. Non-alcoholic fruit drinks are always available, too. If you want to try something new, ask the waiter for the house specialty (aperitivo della casa).

Here’s a run-down of the most popular aperitivo drinks:

Spritz – A Venetian classic, it’s made with Campari or Aperol and prosecco.

Bellini – An invention of the famed Harry’s Bar in Venice, it’s made with peach juice and prosecco.

Rossini – An off-shoot of the Bellini but with strawberry juice and prosecco.

Tintoretto – Ditto, but with pomegranate juice

Sgroppino – A summer refresher, it starts with a dollop of lemon sorbet with a drizzle of limoncello on top and then the flute glass is filled with prosecco. In the south it’s commonly made with orange instead.




In Liguria, the Frantoio di Sant’Agata d’Oneglia celebrates its first 190 years. Of passion, tenacity and dedication. A story of excellence, signed by the Mela family, ambassadors of the thousand forms of Taggiasca Olives.


In Liguria, the Frantoio di Sant’Agata d’Oneglia celebrates its first 190 years. Of passion, tenacity and dedication. A story of excellence, signed by the Mela family, ambassadors of the thousand forms of Taggiasca Olives.

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Bella di Cerignola Olive

Bella di Cerignola Olive

It is the largest olive in the world by elongated and bellied shape. Bella di Cerignola is the largest olive in the world. Green or black in color, this typical Apulian variety has conquered the tables all over the world thanks to its high quality. Its cultivation has...

Our Taggiasca Olive Oils

Our Taggiasca Olive Oils

This limited production GRAN CRU "TAGGIASCA DI MONTAGNA " comes from Taggiasca olives grown at an altitude of about 600 meters. Further from the sea, the fruits give an oil with a strong and fruity flavor, always maintaining the lightness and sweetness of the Ligurian...

Pesto-Perfect Italy: Liguria

Pesto-Perfect Italy: Liguria

If there is one aroma that unifies Liguria—the region that arcs along Italy’s northwestern coast, joining France to Italy, Alps to sea—it’s Genovese basil. Fragrant bouquets of basil line the stalls at outdoor markets and sit in windowsills, wafting a scent as pure as...

Balsamic Vinegar di Modena IGP

Balsamic Vinegar di Modena IGP

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena D.O.P. Was born thanks to the long and natural aging of the cooked must of typical Modena grapes inside small barrels kept by families in the attics of their homes. The entire production process, from the cultivation of the...

Ruote Pazze (Crazy Wheels) Pasta by Benedetto Cavalieri

Ruote Pazze (Crazy Wheels) Pasta by Benedetto Cavalieri

Since 1918, From PUGLIA (APULIA) la Pasta CAVALIERI  has been produced with the "Delicate Method" which ensures an absolutely natural consistency and preserves the typical flavor and precious nutritional values of good durum wheat.   "Authentic family tradition for...

Pastas Felicetti on the roof of the world

Pastas Felicetti on the roof of the world

PREDAZZO, Italy — A half-mile above sea level in the Dolomites, the fourth-generation pasta maker Riccardo Felicetti is leading a quiet revolution in the Italian pasta industry. Making pasta in the heart of the Dolomites. A challenge started by Pastificio Felicetti in...

Hazelnut, heart-friendly dried fruit

Hazelnut, heart-friendly dried fruit

Round, delicate and of high quality; this is the prized IGP Piedmont Hazelnut, born and grown in the magical hills of the Langhe, a very unique Land that gives excellent products: the Piedmont region. The IGP Piedmont Hazelnut is the best nature can give us; its...


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