Raw coffee seeds, those that have not been roasted and that are commonly called green coffee, are very interesting from a nutritional point of view.
Green coffee drinks and green coffee-based supplements have been gaining ground lately for their beneficial effects on the body.
But also because it is believed that they can promote, under certain conditions, the weight loss of obese or overweight people, with very limited side effects compared to those of the classic black coffee, that obtained from roasted seeds.

Normalcoffee has a higher quantity of caffeine; this is found in a form, называется 1,3,7 – Trimethylxanthin, and is completely free.

In raw coffee, on the other hand, the amount of caffeine is less, and it is not free but it is linked to a substance calledChlorogenic Acid”: caffeine plus acid together, form a molecule called preciselyChlorogenic”.

These two forms of caffeine (free and non-free) have different effects on our body.

Having no type of bond, the caffeine of thenormalcoffee quickly enters the bloodstream and is used and metabolized, То есть, it isdisposed ofin a short time.
The caffeine contained in raw coffee is instead linked to chlorogenic acid and, for this reason, our body finds it more difficult to absorb it, with the consequence that entering more slowly into the blood, it takes longer to be metabolized.
This different mechanism of action in our body allows the caffeine of green coffee to remain in our blood in moderate and constant quantities for longer, and therefore its effects last longer.
Кроме того, with green coffee our body is not faced with spikes in caffeine as it does with black coffee, and this is the reason why its side effects are much less than those ofnormalcoffee.
Another element that makes green coffee preferable toblackcoffee is its PH which is less acidic than normal coffee: green coffee has a PH of around 5; while what we are used to drinking has a PH of 3-3.5.
Given that the higher the acidity and the greater the effects on the gastric mucosa, green coffee can be more easily taken, even by those who have problems with the gastro-intestinal tract or by those suffering from gastritis.
Still on the subject of beneficial effects, we will now talk about the slimming properties of green coffee.

Green coffee for weight loss
Caffeine is a substance that is part of the methylxanthines family which are stimulants that have a lipolytic action, То есть, they allow todetachfatty acids from fat cells: Однако, if they are not used, they return after a while. to settle on adipocytes.

Hence, in order to lose weight it is important to be able to use these fatty acids before they bind again.

Methylxanthines also promote the release of adrenaline and noradrenaline, substances that activate the metabolism and therefore allow our body to burn fat.

To obtain better slimming results, it is advisable to take green coffee about half an hour before meals: this as it contains omega 3 который – taken beforemake us feel full and activate our metabolism.

It should never be forgotten that in order to lose weight, it is still necessary to follow a balanced diet and regularly exercise.

The side effects of green coffee
Green coffee has fewer side effects than regular coffee. Однако, these effects vary greatly from subject to subject.

Some people, particularly sensitive to caffeine, may suffer from heartburn, diarrhea, urinary dysfunction, dehydration and insomnia.
Many others, Однако, could drink several cups of green coffee without experiencing any type of side effect.
Green coffee: the pros and cons
Generally speaking, green coffee is excellent for all adults. As also thenormalone is not recommended for,

children, as it contains caffeine;
pregnant women, as caffeine passes from mother to fetus during pregnancy;
breastfeeding mothers, as caffeine reaches the infant through milk.

As said, raw coffee is an excellent substitute for normal coffee for its beneficial properties and for its ability to promote weight loss.

Поэтому, green coffee is highly appreciated by people who follow a healthy lifestyle and those who follow a vegan or raw food diet.

It should also be remembered that, having a positive effect on blood sugar control, green coffee is also indicated for people suffering from type 2 диабет, or diseases related to high blood glucose levels.

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